Over the years I’ve recorded some music, both solo and with close friends.

musicSpring (2013-Current)
Hallelujah [5:54]
First day of my life [3:16]
You and I [2:23]

musicSan Francisco Recordings (2011)
Society [3:34]

musicNew Stuff (2006)
Winter [4:04]
Sunshine [1:42]

musicWalk the walk (2004)
Sassy Sally [3:44]
Classical Beats [1:28]
Celtic Crazyness [1:28]

musicDone Exams EP (2004)
Vindicated [3:23]
Out Loud [3:27]
Campus Pizza [7:04]

Michael Jutan - Rockin at Ry-URockin at Ry-U (2003)

Tension tamer [5:28] Shirts and gloves [3:03] I’ll back you up [4:08]
Great Brit [5:03] Gone [2:16] Flake [4:41] Firealarm [4:18] Blackbird [2:22] Acoustic Frenzy Jam [2:39]

Lam and Jutan Society - Busy in the BasementLam and Jutan Society - Busy in the Basement (2002)
with Andrew Lam on Bass Guitar and featuring Bizz Varty on vocals

Without you [3:48] What I Got [4:08] Summer Love [3:46] Santeria [3:26] Long Nights [3:47] Jolt and Tylenol [4:50] Intergalactic [3:28] Hands Down [3:16] Goodbye [2:37] F#’in Crazy Bass Jam [2:38] Crash Into Me [5:27] Closing [3:03]

Jam Session!

Some pics of me jammin’ some sweet tunes with good friends over the years.

Back cover of Busy in the Basement album, 2002Jammin at V1 with Jer during frosh week, 2002On stage at Waterloo Frosh Week, 2003At McDougall St with Ans, 2006At McDougall St with Ans, 2006SF apartmentAt my first SF apartment with Waterloo friends

Musical Inspiration

Some of the bands I love:
Dave Matthews Band, Ben Folds, Dispatch, Jack Johnson, Green Day, Joshua Radin, Coldplay, Elliott Smith, Jeremy Fisher, Joe Purdy, Sigur Ros, Simon & Garfunkel, Cat Stevens, Xavier Rudd, Yellowcard, Counting Crows, Ray LaMontagne, Mumford & Sons

Equipment List

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Yamaha Compass Series 8-SY Acoustic-Electric cutaway guitar
Yamaha Pacifica 412 Electric guitar
Kamouraska Canadian-Made classical guitar
Fender Champion amp
D'Addario strings
.92 Dunlop picks
Kyser capo

Mac Mini w/ GarageBand
Behringer Xenyx 802 Mixer
Monster cables
Mogami MXL microphone