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I had never heard of The Seychelles before this trip. It is insane. You should go there.

We "travel hacked" this trip (see first post for details), acquiring as many transferrable airline points as possible to make it so the large majority of the flights on this trip were free (even the Business Class and First Class ones). That was a huge highlight of the trip, as well as making it possible for us to see and do more.

Packing for this trip was... interesting. We needed to take only one medium-sized suitcase each (to meet weight and size requirements for Air Seychelles and for our smaller flights in South Africa), but we needed to pack for all types of climate: snow, rain, beachwear, hiking clothes, etc. This required some very careful decision-making and picking some very multi-use items (Merino Wool hoodie and Merrell hiking shoes for the win!)